Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It isn’t Easy to Make Money on the Internet

It isn't Easy to Make Money on the Internet and even when working from home on your computer sounds so great!  Working from home is wonderful, but if you don't make any money it is just lost time, effort and money.

It is easy to get caught up in buying program after program promising  thousands of Dollars a day for working 15 minutes while you ride up and down the road in your Porsche and lounge on the beach with your laptop.
Unfortunately Internet Marketing takes Time, skill, persistenance and enought technical skill to set up a Wordpress site with plugins and widgets.  You also need an autoresponder and squeeze pages to start collecting people to have an email list.  Unfortunately more than a passing aquaintance with html is needed.  About.com offers a free course that will get you up to speed.  For working with  a few things there are ebooks around that you can download for free that will guide you through the basics so you can make and edit a "squeeze" or "sales" page. 

The most successful Marketers I have observed have large email lists and work at recruiting affiliates and growing their email lists to sell their own products or others products for a commission.

There are ways to generate free website traffic, but they take time and effort.  Blogging, Facebook and Twitter sound great, but from my limited experience I haven't seen much results for all the time consuming effort that I have put in.  Publishing articles, joining forums and leaving links (many you need to post a required number of times before you can leave a link) requires organization, knowledge and TIME!

Read all about a program before you buy and see if you can determine what it really does.  It doesn't hurt to google it and read some of the reviews, or check and see if there is a forum or blog related to it.   Also determine if you are going to be able to work with the program using your  level of techinal  skill.   
Make sure you purchase a program with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE so you have time to try it out and either get rich overnight or get a refund if it doesn't work.

I have tried out so many that I will probably get on Clickbanks banned list.  Some of what I have bought were just so technical that I couldn't use them.  Others had software in them that my old computer just couldn't handle.  I have one program that I love, the videos are so clear and give precise instructions on how to use the program on wordpress site. I am really learning from this program exactly what I need to do start making money.  However, it is designed for longterm steady profits and not for an overnight miracle.  Here is a link to my own website that you can go look around and read some more about this program.  Skipper Works 

There are several pages available with interesting articles on different marketing programs I have become acquainted with.  Some better than others.  Read and look, then if you really want to make progress with doing affiliate sales or internet marketing....take a chance.  You have to start somewhere!


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