Monday, December 26, 2011

One Time Offer John and Dave


December 2014   another trip down this road.
Ends in two days
check it out here! 
I Want to Look and See Click and go!

John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson are giving away the store.   This is a summary of what is included in their Offer.   You can click below to see a full description of what the offer is.

In December The Offer did include several monthy pay SOFTWARE  memberships that become lifetime with no future payments with this offer which means you are getting everything else FREE! You will have to click and go to the new offer (scaled down a little, but not much!) to see what you get!

Here is a short list of just some of the programs being offered and what you can do with them:

Create WordPress Membership Site, Make Internet Money, Squeeze Page Templates,digital Media solutions, Facebook,Twitter,Membership Master,PlanteSMS digital Mentorship Monthly,Google Traffic Pump System,JV Auctions Profits,Ebay,ClickBank Affiliate Master,The Ninety Day PowerSeller Challenge,ebay JV auctions Profits,Butterfly Marketing Secrets,Affiliate Promo Formula,Affiliate Alliance

THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR ONE very small price:
Like Page Builder *Pro* – Value = $197+
Access to Total Web Traffic – Value = $97
Resale Rights Blueprint – Value = $97
Affiliate Ad Rotator – Value = $197+
Auction Profit Streams – Value = $47
Squeeze Page Templates (with master resale rights) – Value = $27
Resale Rights Roadmap – Value = $10
Digital Media Solution – Value = $27
The 7 Key Elements – Value = $10
Tweet Dynamite – Value = $97
PlanetSMS Digital Mentorship Monthly – Value = $300
Google Traffic Pump System – Value = $47
JV Auction Profits – Value = $10
Membership Master – Value = $47
eBook 2 Book – Value = $27
ClickBank Affiliate Master – Value = $97
The Ninety Day PowerSeller Challenge *BRANDABLE*- Value = $97
Pay Per Click Powerhouse – Value = $67
Profit From PLR – Value = $97
Lifetime Access to How Do I Start Online – Value = $47
Butterfly Marketing Secrets (special upgrade) – Value = $67
John’s Online Training – Value = $497
Your Software Website – Value = $97
Your Own eBook Business – Value = $97
Affiliate Promo Formula and Affiliate Alliance – Value = $234
Over 20 Pre-Recorded Consultations (outstanding advice) – Value = $497
Direct Office Line With Support – Value = $3,976
Exclusive Access to LIVE Interactive Online Workshops – Value = $3,564
Unadvertised Bonuses – Value = $???
All of the Products and Services That You Receive – Total Value = $10,671+

I can recommend John Thornhill because I am taking a class right now because I needed to learn the basics of setting up a WordPress site.  This package includes Dave's program and instructions on how to set up your own Membership Site...which is something I need!

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