Saturday, November 12, 2016

Elizabeth Warren: 'We Stand Up And We Fight Back' | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Don't Lay Down and Cry
Stand up and Fight 

We can't allow Bigotry and Racisim to destroy America.

There are posts on these two sites that will give you an Idea of what is going

on and it isn't pretty.

Civil Rights for ALL of us are on the line.

Green EnergySolar and Wind Power generation
  where Corporate America

is disregarding Orders from President Obama, the Justice Department and the

Corp of Engineers to Cease.  Stop.  Do not do anymore drilling as you are on

Corp of Engineer managed land that belongs to the Indians and

Carolyn's Common Sense Words of Wisdom

 Where have our Civil Rights Gone?
Justice Department?
So this company feels that it doesn't have to obey orders from the President and the Army Corp of Engineers.
But this is about more than about Corporations Ignoring Orders from our Justice System

and NOT  obeying laws.
This is the Saga of a State that sold its soul to the Oil Industry  and along with their

Hired Militia  and State Law Enforcement are Dismantling the
Constitution of the United States of America. 
NOW....not next week.....Now.
As I said your Senator and Representative
Mine are both Republicans...but I'm calling them anyway. 
After all, they were voted in to Represent ALL  the wishes of the citizens in

their state and take them into consideration.   
They were not voted in by Pacs and Money and Corporations because they can't

yet vote.   
But you can Vote, You can Fight and make your voice heard.

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