Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm Looking For A New Computer Any Suggestions?

Something happened two days ago. I was on Facebook, signed into Twitter, then decided to look at Utube, had left a page open with an html editor running and I guess it also left the back door open to my computer. All of a sudden it showed I had 732 followers on FaceBook! Really have about 12. Some really nice people, we talk about most anything,,,looking at marketing programs, Teeth, Gardening...

Any Way...What happened is: My computer started sending me these nice messages your RAM is full, your hard drive has bad spots...also a strange looking thing claiming it was XP RECOVERY kept floating around saying click here. Long story short...If there is a Trogan going around out there, I found them all. Was just able to put computer in safe mode to get on internet to access Malaware site to get it scanned. My security system was even disabled....Hopefully, I'm clean..downloaded my security and reinstalled, but missing access to a lot of my programs..they ate the addresses.

Because of the above, I am doing research on getting a different computer. My nephew thinks I should go for a Mac...but also said one with a Linux operating system and php would be a good choice... then said there are places I could buy the components and put one together myself...but I think I'd better pass on that one. I'm not sure about learning a complete new operating system...have always used Microsoft and Internet Explorer. Have been experimenting with Fire Fox lately. It has some nifty tools installed in the toolbar. Very handy if you are using Google to do some searching for ideas for your website and searching for a new Computer.

When I find a good solution to my computer search, will post the results. In the meantime, if anyone has a helpful suggestion let me know!

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