Sunday, November 16, 2014

25 Social Media Images

25 Social Media Images =

The actual JPGs are 403 pixels wide.

How can you use these images?

What makes Facebook an Pinterest and the other sites fun is all the engagement. You hear from old friends, colleagues and business associates.
Use these images to generate conversations.
Upload the image to Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, your own blog and or any platforms where you’ll find your audience and start talking about the image and the concept behind it.
And if you’d like to change the conversation a bit, check out the 100 images on the next page that you’ll be able to edit.
Enjoy these. And start a conversation today.
Below are all the images, but at a reduced size. The actual images are at the Facebook optimized size of 403 pixels wide.
After clicking the download link for the images, you’ll be taken to a cart where you input your information. There’s no credit card required or requested. And if you have an account already, just login on that page to continue the process.
 Go Here to get the Images:    Download

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