Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Art of Buying Travel Luggage

Luggage will vary by the brand. There is a also much  variety in the  prices and quality between manufacturers. Do some research before you purchase luggage.  The main thing you should consider is where you will be using the luggage. You shouldn't  purchase the most expensive luggage if you only travel once or twice a year or if you never plan to fly unless it is for a gift for someone you think will get the best use out of it..

There was once an old TV commercial  for Samsonite  with gorillas throwing the luggage around their cage. This was very funny, except  it was close to the truth about how  luggage really gets handled! Checked luggage takes a beating.

Unless you travel often and fly, then  you don't need super expensive luggage. Of course , we'd never recommend buying the cheapest either. You will still need luggage that will hold up and stand the stress of being transported. 

 When you're looking at luggage always start with the final price. Notice that most Luggage manufacturers overprice their goods, then list huge discounts, or Sales!  Look at the final price and compare what you are getting between brands!

There are  hundreds of different brands of luggage. From the expensive high end Ricardo luggage which has a built in digital scale, to lesser priced American Flyer luggage and many in between. Some luggage manufacturers try to reach a young audience with their styles and patterns. JanSport luggage does this. Some companies make children's luggage with smaller sizes and adorable prints. Liz Claiborne luggage is sophisticated and stylish for the fashionable woman traveler.  For long term durability, stick with a well know brand name that has been around for awhile.

You're lucky if your luggage is only beat up and not lost. What about lost airline luggage? Do you have any idea what happens to it? Did you know that you can buy articles from lost airline luggage?

If you don't want to bother with your luggage at all when you travel, did you know that  you can use a luggage delivery service?
It isn't cheap, but you can have your luggage picked up from your home and have it waiting for you at your destination. Again, be aware of prices. Some have up front pricing. Some are a bit more difficult to figure out. Some charge extra for Saturday delivery and add pick up and fuel surcharges to the price. Make sure that you are fully aware of all charges when it comes to a luggage delivery service, and be aware that they generally quote one-way prices only.

Your choice of  luggage can make or break your vacation. The last thing you need to have happen is to have a zipper break, or a seam split or have a handle break as you're walking out the door to the airport.  
Experts will say don't overload your suitcase. This causes undue stress on zippers and seams.

Examine your suitcase when you take it off the airline carousel. Always check it to make sure there has been no damage done to your luggage. If there is obvious damage done to your luggage immediately take it to the airline customer service center to report it. 
Be aware that some things that get damaged aren't covered, like anything that wheels!  For some more information about luggage continue reading Here.  Click on the Red read more under the pictures when you get there.

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